蓝牙小音箱Bluetooth microphone

Stylist oneself very abhor those "useless" and "kitsch" recreational product pursuit is concise and easy also have practical value likewise. The module is made of green environment-friendly healthy and harmless materials. Rounded corners are used for all transitions. Its small size light weight modular use die making low production cost high repeatability; High functional quality and practicability.


lehuvip88 师自己很是讨厌那些「无用」且「媚俗」的文娱产物,寻求简练风雅,一样也有适用代价。模块接纳绿色、环保、安康、有害资料建造而成。均接纳圆角过渡。其体积小,分量轻,模块化操纵开模建造,建造本钱低,可反复性高;功效品德高,适用性高。